For the pregnant woman

During her pregnancy, the pregnant woman will undergo physiological changes (eg hormonal) and mechanical changes (increase the mass of the uterus for instance).
These transformations may cause functional disorders or increase the intensity of disturbances already present before pregnancy.
Osteopathy may help pregnant women:

  • In a preventive way with a relaxation work of the muscles and the ligaments of the pelvis for childbirth preparation.

  • As curative for any discomfort related to pregnancy (backache, sciatica, digestive discomfort, headaches, edema of the limbs, tiredness, adhesions in the scar after a cesarean section or episiotomy ...)

  • In Post partum (after childbirth) to restore the balance of her body and treat various disorders associated with childbirth ( "baby blues", digestive disorders, pelvic pain, pain during sex ...)

The osteopath uses gentle techniques not dangerous and not harmful to the unborn baby, besides the treatment is entirely appropriate and specific to the pregnant woman and fetus.


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